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Santaella information




Situation: latitud: 37º 34' longitud: -4º 5

Santaella is situated in the Cordoba province, 43 kilometres southwest from it’s capital city. The greater Santaella area also includes the hamlets of La Guijarrosa and La Montiela.



Picture: Santaella castle (front view)


Picture: Santaella townhall



Santaella counts with a population of approx. 6.000 inhabitants. The mayority of the population, almost 50%, works in the agriculture. A third part is employed in service-sector whilst the remaining 17% works in the industry or construction sector.



It’s thought that the name of Santaella comes from the arab word “Ialla” and that the word “Santa” was added by Fernando III, who conquered the town in 1240. The town has a rich history and has seen many civilizations. Rests have been found from the bronce age, Iberians, romans, Visigoths and of course, the Moors. As a matter of fact, the town wall is from Moorish origin. Throughout the town, you will find buildings and monuments that remind us of Santaellas’ past.


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